4 Things to Check Out in Hawaii

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Recently, I overheard a coworker talking to a friend about Hawaii and the cool trip he’d taken there. So naturally, I started quietly reminiscing about when I went there. Yes, I’m happy to say that this southern girl has been to Hawaii, a land of color, constant warmth, and seriously innumerable palm trees. Whenever people ask me if I’ve been out of the country, I usually jokingly include Hawaii. It may be a state of the U.S., but it might as well be a different country. In many good ways, mind you! Here are a couple of things that musn’t be missed if you get the chance to go there!

1) A good beach
You’re probably thinking, Duh. Is Hawaii made up of anything else? But really. Even though there are beaches in great abundance, stay near a nice one that’s preferably not swarmed with tourists and local surfers. I went in March, so thankfully it wasn’t the height of tourist season. The place we stayed at was also helpful because it was right on a more secluded beach away from a lot of the city bustle. Most of the people there were staying in the same resort that we were, so there weren’t tons of locals either. While it may not have been the optimal local experience, it was nice to just have the beach there if we wanted it. I’m not one of those types who will sit out there all day, so it was perfect for a quick dip. It was lagoon style too, so there were nice walks all around the area. Great views, anyone? Always one of my favorite things.

2) Pearl Harbor
If your only knowledge of Pearl Harbor comes from that 90s’ movie Pearl Harbor, please try to disconnect a little. While I don’t condemn anyone for liking it, it can be important to know more about it than simply the Hollywood-ized love story that is that film. As you hopefully know, Pearl Harbor is the still-active naval base in Oahu, Hawaii’s biggest island, and known for Japanese air strikes on it in 1941. Remains of damaged and sunken ships from the attacks are still held there with memorials built on and around them. While it’s sobering to see the names of those lost and the damage done, I think it’s also an important place for Americans to see and remember. I was feeling pretty patriotic the rest of the day after we’d seen it. Because everything else aside, it’s still a pretty awesome naval base and the active ships are massive. You feel small, but undeniably proud.

3) Diamond Head Crater
If you’re into hiking, this one’s especially for you. But even if you’re not, anyone can enjoy it! It’s not too long or difficult at all, and the view is absolutely worth it! The Diamond Head Crater is actually an extinct volcano, and the hike up is always a tourist recommendation. There are plenty of fantastic views along the way, and the one at the top is really amazing. It’s a 360 degree view, and you can see for miles in every direction. The best part about it for me was how beautiful the water looked from up high. A perfectly serene blue with occasional foamy white breaks. Truly magical- looking!

4) Hibiscuses and Rainbows
Alright, so no, those aren’t exactly things to do, but rather things to look for. When I think of Hawaii, those are two things that automatically come to my mind. No lie, we saw at least one rainbow almost every day. There was one day that we saw four. And maybe it’s a tropical island thing, but they were always so much brighter than any I’d seen before. So definitely keep an eye out for them. The excitement and pretty colors are always worth it. Also, hibiscuses. I really wish they grew by my house. These are classic Hawaiian flowers and basically demand attention wherever they are. Every one that I saw was probably larger than my hand, not to mention the vibrant colors they always came in. If you’re into photography, these flowers will drive you wild with their photogenic-ness and all-around loveliness. Take the time to appreciate either way, because you will keep seeing them!

Thanks, Hawaii. I hope to return someday soon. Hang loose till then.

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