Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m Elizabeth, and I was raised in the charming southern city of Birmingham, Alabama. I grew up dancing, watching Disney movies, and reading anything I could get my hands on. My need to read has only increased with age, and I am now rarely seen without a book on hand. I discovered Jane Austen’s work at thirteen and haven’t been quite the same person since. Period British dramas continue to deeply fascinate me and might be most responsible for planting the travel bug in me. One look at those sweeping shots of the English countryside in the Pride and Prejudice film had me undone!

So, whether it’s good books, a well-done movie, a beautiful destination, or an episode of Downton Abbey, stories are all over this blog! I’ve learned that good stories are everywhere, and I love analyzing and talking about them. I believe good stories touch us deeply because they point to the greatest story ever told – the story of how our Creator God sent Jesus Christ to redeem sinners and make us His children. I hope you’ll join the discussions here and be encouraged to find many good, eloquent stories that ultimately increase your love for that story!

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