Auburn, AL: Really the Loveliest

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This was bound to happen – a post in honor of Auburn, Alabama, home of my alma mater, Auburn University. I was down there this last weekend for a wedding, and I took the opportunity to get some quality time with downtown’s most iconic locations. It was a stroll down memory lane as I snapped pictures of these places that hold part of my story and the stories of countless other people who passed their college years here.

Ah, Samford Hall. I wonder how many moments in time have been captured in pictures on your charming lawn. How many hammocks have been strung up in your surrounding trees by this time? How many pickup Frisbee games, graduation photo sessions, proposals, “study” groups, picnics, formal entourages, and friendly midnight talks have you witnessed? This place is certainly the most symbolic of Auburn in all its beauty, history, and tradition. I had a bit of a déjà vu as I lingered here, as it was the first time I’d done more than drive past it since graduation last year. It made me reflect with a smile on my college years at Auburn. The downtown area of the city is the center of many a college experience, mine being no exception.

To be honest, I wasn’t sold on Auburn when I arrived there as a nervous little 18-year-old. Far from it, in fact. But I’m glad I went despite my rebellious heart, because Auburn won me over eventually. It has a way of attracting some of the nicest people on earth, and I’m so thankful to now know so many of them who also found their way there. Throw in some Toomer’s lemonade, spring picnics on Samford lawn, and weekend strolls through this picturesque little town, and I was a converted Auburn girl. It’s hard not to smile as you drive or walk through downtown. Lined with buildings both quaint and modern, it has a little bit of something for everyone from the traditionalist to the hipster. And there really is nothing quite like cold lemonade and Blue Bell ice cream from Toomer’s on a warm day. Further from campus is the neighboring Opelika, where you have important things like Target, the movie theater, the mall, and favorite local eats like Niffer’s and Irish Bred Pub.

Thanks for the memories, Auburn. From downtown bike rides, to hammocking till after midnight on Samford, to rolling the trees at Toomer’s Corner, to swing dancing anywhere with enough space, to movies and formals with friends, you brought it. Part of my heart will always belong to this “loveliest village on the plains,” and my watering mouth will always be ready for a Toomer’s lemonade or the famous Niffer’s corn nuggets. Please and thank you.

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