4 Lighthearted Chick Flicks Most Could Enjoy

By Monday, February 29, 2016 ,

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I mentioned a chick flick called Kate & Leopold in a recent post, saying many people could enjoy it, even if you don’t naturally go for those types of movies. We all need a good love story now and then, and even if we know how it’ll end, it’s refreshing to see an interesting journey to get there. Plus, lots of chick flicks are lighthearted, humorous, and just plain fun with a good story mixed in. Have to have the good story of course :) So here are a few of my top chick flick picks (totally intentional on the rhymes there) for your next night in.

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Hugh Dancy, anyone? Sigh. I mean, he has a British accent in an ensemble of New Yorkers so what more could I wish for? But seriously, this is a great movie. Isla Fisher is adorable as its leading lady, Rebecca Bloomwood, a sassy journalist who has an honest addiction to shopping. Nothing gives her more pleasure than sliding that credit card and filling her hands with department store bags. But… she’s racked up over sixteen thousand dollars of credit card debt and lives in denial about it, merrily continuing her spendthrift ways. Her denial is getting her into more trouble than she anticipates or wants to face, and her journey offers a tangible lesson to us all about materialism and honesty.
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While You Were Sleeping
Who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock, right? It’s especially fun to see her as a youngster in this one. She plays Lucy Moderatz, a lonely single girl working the ticket booth at a subway station in Chicago and daydreaming about a specific handsome customer who gets on the same train every day. Life takes an interesting turn when he falls onto the tracks and she pulls him to safety. As he lies in a coma at the hospital, his family mistakenly assumes she’s his fiancĂ©e, and before she can correct them, she finds herself warmly welcomed into the family, and her love-starved heart becomes reluctant to give it up. Awkwardness and confusion abound in the following days, but this is a satisfying, funny, and warm-hearted flick with endearing messages about family, true love, and loyalty.

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Sydney White
A loose modern spin on Snow White, this comedy takes us to the college campus and hones in particularly on Greek life. Amanda Bynes charms as Sydney, a free-spirited tomboy who isn’t prepared for the glamour and pettiness involved in sorority membership. She soon finds she fits in better with the campus outcasts, seven dorky guys (stand-ins for the seven dwarfs…get it?) who live in a run-down cottage away from the center of campus life. This movie is pure, slapstick fun with strong friendship themes thrown in, and it’s quite fun to spot the parallels to Snow White.

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Leap Year
It’s Ireland, people, and it’s a treat. I love Ireland, I heart these actors, and I sigh contentedly at this story. The fabulous Amy Adams plays control-freak Anna Brady, a Bostonian apartment stager with a perfectly neat, predictable relationship with cardiologist Jeremy. But he’s dragging his feet on the marriage front, so Anna decides to take matters into her own hands. Jeremy heads to Dublin, Ireland for a medical conference, and Anna follows after remembering that it’s a Leap Year – according to an Irish legend, a woman can propose to a man on February 29th! Problem solved, right?! Hardly. One thing after another goes wrong, throwing off Anna’s well-laid plans, and in the midst of it all, she is thrown into the path of Declan O’Callaghan, a rather sarcastic, but quietly perceptive Irishman who helps her along the way. Letting go, trusting, and the risk of love are at the heart of this movie, and the Irish scenery is truly majestic. And a bearded Matthew Goode plays Declan with a sardonic smirk and an equally convincing hidden soft side…*cue swooning.* Oh, and it’s actually Leap Day today, so you have the perfect excuse to go watch it tonight. You’re welcome! ;-P

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What are your favorite chick flicks? What do you think of these listed here? I'd love to hear and discuss!

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  1. I've never seen Leap Year and was totally thinking of watching it tonight! If it's still on Netflix, The Decoy Bride with David Tennant gives you Scottish accents and is super lighthearted and fun.

    1. Oh, Leap Year is SO good, Lynn! Very fun movie :) And I watched Decoy Bride maybe about two years ago and really enjoyed it! The Scotland theme and romance definitely hit the spot :)

  2. I have yet to watch While You Were Sleeping though I love Sandra Bullock! The others are SO great though. Watching Leap Year today in fact in honor of it being the 29th.

    1. Ah! While You Were Sleeping is probably one of my favorite Sandra Bullock movies! SO cute! And I actually just got done watching Leap Year in honor of the day too :)

  3. I'm going to try Leap Year. It's still on Netflix. You might like View from the Top. It's about a small town girl who wants to be a stewardess.

    1. Enjoy Leap Year! Such a great one! :) I'll have to check out View from the Top; thanks for the suggestion!