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Hello! I mentioned recently that I’d be heading to Boston with my family soon because of a conveniently placed business trip for my dad. He graciously brought my mom and brother and me with him and allowed us to enjoy the city for a few days. It wasn’t long before I knew I’d want to return to Massachusetts one day. Boston, Cambridge, Rockport, Lexington, Concord… there is so much to see and so much history in this state! I loved all that I got to see this time and look forward to one day seeing more. I hope you enjoy the highlights here!

I’ve always liked a good skyline picture, and I was glad for the chance to get this one when we took a ride on the Charles River. This is the Boston skyline; I thought the sailboats were nice accents. The Charles River runs between Boston and Cambridge, and there was always plenty to see on both sides. Both are beautiful cities brimming with life, business, history, and innovation. 

But as may be expected, history nerd that I am, I enjoyed the heavily historical sites most. Lexington, Concord, and the Freedom Trail point sharply to our nation’s beginning, and I was grateful for a glimpse of the events that were so foundational to it. We visited Lexington and Concord early in the trip, and the guide on the bus tour we did gave us a detailed look at the first battle of the American Revolution via superb narration as the bus took us to corresponding places of significance. Later in the week, we stopped at a few places on the Freedom Trail. It felt odd but still made me thankful and somewhat reverential as I thought of battles that unfolded on the very places we stood and of the famous people who had walked in the various buildings we toured. They can seem distant and other-worldly when talked of today, but walking where they walked brought their lives, work, and humanity to the center of my mind, and I was grateful. 

The battle green where the first major battle of the American Revolution took place
The tavern where the militia hid, regrouped, etc. on the night of that first battle
On display inside the tavern. All original items from the 1700s. The vest belonged to John Hancock!

The Old North Bridge in Concord, location of the Battle of Concord, which took place on the first day of the American Revolution. According to tradition, this is where "the shot heard 'round the world" was fired. The famous Minute Man statue stands at the end.
Inscriptions on the memorial statue and the Minute Man Statue at the bridge
Paul Revere's house on the Freedom Trail. Many items original to his family are still preserved inside, including many things he made while in trade as a silversmith.

Our second stop on the Freedom Trail: the Old North Church, where lanterns were hung to signal the approach of the redcoats to Paul Revere. Upon seeing them in the tower, he rode to Lexington to warn the people.
Inside the church. The pipe organ was gorgeous.

Also inside the church. Seeing this was one of those moments that kind of just makes you stand back in awe for me.
But perhaps my favorite stop of the whole trip was a quaint old 1860s house on a quiet street in Concord – the home of Louisa May Alcott, or Orchard House, as it’s formally named. Louisa May Alcott’s classic book, Little Women, was a staple in my girlhood and teen years, so it was a joy to see the place where this author lived and wrote her masterpiece. So many artifacts and treasures have been preserved, including Louisa May Alcott’s writing desk and many of her sisters’ possessions, a wedding dress and piano among them. I loved every bit of it and was so happy for the chance to feel like I was stepping back in time and seeing a tiny piece of this cherished author’s life. 

My souvenir from Orchard House. I've been eyeing this edition for a while, and now I can say I got it at the place it was written. Could hardly pass up that opportunity!
Have you ever been to Boston or other places in Massachusetts? What should I make a point to do the next time I'm there? I'd love to hear!

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