England: Derbyshire and Chatsworth House

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We’ve now come to the series of posts where I spend time on each stop of the England trip. Be prepared for a lot of pictures and a lot of gushing. Don’t say I didn’t warn you :) 

If I were to tell you we began our England tour in a quintessentially British county nestled among rolling green hills, open blue sky, grazing sheep, thousand-year-old trees here and there, the occasional cliff-covered landscape, and quaint country houses, would you think you were dreaming? Indeed, I did not make this place up. The county is called Derbyshire, and it’s home to quiet country life, ancient mansions, and spectacular scenery. Jane Austen features Derbyshire heavily in Pride and Prejudice as the home county of Mr. Darcy and his estate called Pemberley, so that sparked my interest in the area years ago. I knew I wanted to at least set eyes on the place when I finally went to England, so we maneuvered one lovely night there for this trip. I sincerely hope to go back for longer in the future, but I’m so glad I’ve now seen it! 

Chatsworth House was the primary goal for Derbyshire this time, and it was more than worth it! You may know that this sprawling country estate was used as Pemberley in the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and many speculate that Chatsworth was actually the house Jane Austen had in mind as she wrote Pemberley in the novel. Now that I’ve been there, I’d believe it too – the description of the house and surrounding park in the book could certainly be describing Chatsworth and its gorgeous surroundings! It’s all truly awe-inspiring. Chatsworth naturally made me feel like I’d stepped into the pages of Pride and Prejudice – I kept looking for Lizzy or Darcy to come around the corner. And I couldn’t get over the beauty of the English countryside. As I’m sure you can imagine, there is always so much to look at and you can’t ever quite take it all in. There’s a special kind of quietness too – almost as if hushed respect for the beauty hangs in the air. Here were my best attempts to capture it all in pictures!
Our lodgings for the night in Derbyshire. It's an old Victorian house that sits on land which used to be part of the estate of Chatsworth House! The English countryside experience was really enriched by getting to stay somewhere so authentic.

The drive leading from the house we stayed to the main road. Such a dream world.

Our first glimpse of Chatsworth House! And this was after driving through the park for a few miles. It really takes your breath away as it comes into view.

Anyone recognize this from the film? Think of when Elizabeth enters the house and gazes up at the ceiling.

The most portrait-heavy area of the house

View down into the main hall from the floor above

The glorious library. I kept thinking of how I once heard Julian Fellowes say in an interview, "I think the room the English get right is the library." I quite agree, Lord Fellowes.

Surely fans of the movie recognize this room! The song "The Living Sculptures of Pemberley" from the soundtrack was definitely playing in my head when I entered.

Elizabeth spends some time studying this fellow

And this one...

But I had my eyes peeled for this one the whole time! :)

My favorite view! This is actually the side of the house, though it's viewed as the front in the film.

Bridge on the front drive

Yes, I'd been planning this picture for a while.

So picturesque

Countryside shots

I'm officially in love with you, Derbyshire. I shall return.

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  1. Amazing pictures! I hope to go to Chatsworth house sometime.


    Awesome pictures and so glad the trip was amazing!

    1. Yes, you do, Jamie!!! :) Thanks so much for reading!