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Well, 2016 is nearly behind us and it’s been a year for the history books, I’ll say! The realms of politics and entertainment have shocked people across the world and it isn’t letting up down to the last few days of the year (RIP Carrie Fisher…*single tear*). So I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’m looking forward to 2017. A new year feels like a great opportunity for a new start and a chance to reevaluate. By way of personal update and a desire to share a few things with you, here is what’s currently exciting me about 2017. 

New Year, New Job 
Yep, this southern gal has a job that’s keeping her in DC! I moved to Washington DC back in September not really knowing what I was doing or how anything would turn out, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve loved both the city and the people I’ve met. My internship with the Family Research Council was an amazing experience for both my professional and personal life. I made friends that I hope to keep a long time, and it set me up very well for future professional steps. I’ve also found a fantastic church family that I’m excited to officially join. Soon I’ll be starting a new job with a Congressman’s office and getting used to the fact that I’m actually a DC resident. Wish me luck and please come visit! :)

New Washington DC Experiences 
That said, I’m looking forward to continuing to experience my new city. I thoroughly enjoyed autumn in DC and now have snow and spring to look forward to. I’m hoping to get some ice skating in before long and am particularly excited about the cherry blossoms that come out in full force around March. Yay pink! 

New British Drama 
And HURRAH for more period drama! 2017 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for British dramas on TV. The long-awaited season 4 of Sherlock premieres in just a few more days! Is Moriarty really back? I’ve been confused about that one a while. And just a few weeks later, Victoria, an aptly named new show about England’s favorite monarch, Queen Victoria, will make its US debut. I love the story of Victoria and Albert, so I’m very excited to see this take on it. And new seasons of both Grantchester and Poldark are also in the works for later in the year! Bring it on.

Photo Credits: Masterpiece PBS on Facebook (I do not own the rights to these photos)

New Reading! 
And of course, I’m looking forward to new reading goals! With just a few days left in 2016, I’m fighting down to the wire to complete my 2016 reading goals. We’ll see if I manage it! I’ll be sharing my 2016 favorites soon as well as ideas for 2017. For now, I’m excited to share two 2017 reading challenges from two of my favorite blogs, Modern Mrs. Darcy and Book Fifty. Both are excellent resources and take a variety of factors into account. I’ll likely be considering bits from both in my 2017 reading! 
Modern Mrs. Darcy 2017 Reading Challenge 
Book Fifty 2017 Reading Challenge

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  1. Congratulations on the new job, Elizabeth!!! I can't wait to read all about your DC adventures!