A Prayer for Painful Partings from Friends

By Monday, November 04, 2019 ,

As it may be clear from the fewer posts this year, I've struggled with writing lately. But, more recently, I've been reflecting on advice from Andrew Peterson that he so wisely dispensed in his new book, Adorning the Dark (it's amazing). He says to write what you know, write often, and write discerningly (i.e., about not too many things at once). He says many other things too, but those are a few that have stayed with me the past few weeks. In the everyday routine of things, what I probably write most often are prayers. So, thanks to Andrew's advice and a bit of inspiration from the wonderful book Every Moment Holy, and after plucking up some courage, I started writing some slightly more formal prayers that I hope to share here semi-regularly among other posts. This is what's been on my heart lately, and I'm compelled to write it. I hope you'll stay for it :)

A Prayer for Painful Partings from Friends 

Lord Jesus, eternal and faithful Friend, 
The sadness of parting from these I hold dear
Causes me today to reflect on the inherent wrongness
Of leavings, of separation, of severed ties.

As a triune God of constant fellowship within yourself,
You wisely made us human creatures to bear your image
In our need and desire for 
And lasting fellowship. 

So, it is natural and right that my heart
Feels pain at parting from these I love.
It is expected that my soul would grieve
The physical separation from these dear friends.

You, O Lord, have made us for eternity,
And so this parting feels
And viscerally wrong. 

And yet, since you have made us for eternity,
I can also still hope.

I praise you, Lord, for divinely allowing
Our stories here on earth to cross for a time,
I thank you for being glorified to bring me
Into friendship with these dear saints,
And I give you glory for how you will continue
To use them for your purposes as we part from one another.

In this new season, cause them to
Grow in knowledge of your will,
Serve others with gladness, and
Become ever more aware of the better country
For which you are preparing them.

And even as I grieve this parting, good Father,
Help me say goodbye
With the hope of that better country as my anchor,
Entrusting these friends to your care
And clinging to your promises of comfort. 

May I wait with hope for that better country,
Where goodbyes will be no more,
Fellowship will be ever constant and sweet,
And restlessness for home and family
Will at long last be quieted and perfectly fulfilled. 


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