On Airplanes and Weddings

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Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri
Confession: I took that picture about two years ago during a mere 30-minute drive through St. Louis with friends. But I did make a short stop in St. Louis again last weekend for a wedding; even less tourism happened this time, but flying there and back in just three days was certainly an adventure. 

Understand that I’m never going to be the first to volunteer to catch a plane at 7:45 in the morning, but there are times that it’s worth it. This particular trip was. I was traveling to see two dear friends marry each other, which would have been enough in itself, but on top of that, it was also in an unfamiliar place with new sights to see and new people to meet, so adventures were bound to be in store. Though the weekend was tiring, it was undoubtedly a fun and memorable one.

For starters, I survived the Dallas airport, where I caught my connecting flight on the way to St. Louis and back to Birmingham. Here I bow. Thank you, I’ll be here all weekend. It’d been a while since I’d flown, so I had thought hard about how I’d prepare. Two things I decided on ahead of time that ended up being great decisions: bring layers and socks on planes, and coloring is a great plane activity. Even in summer, planes get cold when you’re high up, so the socks and long-sleeve shirt that I threw into my backpack were excellent choices. I also thought to add a coloring book and colored pencils, and they passed the time splendidly while on the plane. Otherwise, I stayed with new friends that I’d only met via text message and phone call prior to arriving in St. Louis (oh the age we live in), successfully navigated a strange car to the rehearsal dinner, listened to hilarious stories about the bride and groom from their friends and family, and left the weekend with invitations from new friends to visit them in New York City and Mobile. To top it off, on the return trip, my seat partner on the St. Louis-to-Dallas flight was catching a flight to London after the stop in Dallas, so we had a great talk. Being stuck in the Dallas airport for five hours after that wasn’t so great, but that situation also leads to new friends, so at least I came out of it with good stories.

And that’s not to mention some hardcore jamming on the dance floor at the wedding. This event was the definition of fun with a delicious dinner to boot. I would have expected nothing less of Heidi and Josh though. I met them both my freshman year at Auburn, but moved in different social circles from them throughout our college years. I always considered them both sweet people though, and so, halfway through our senior year, I was excited to learn that they were dating. But apparently their close friends had been wanting it to happen since they’d met the first week of freshman year. Josh took a victory lap at Auburn this past year, but Heidi and I both graduated last year and ended up living in Birmingham about 30 minutes apart, so that was when we got closer. Movie nights, baking sessions, and Taziki’s dinners became regular and it was a blast. So you can imagine my excitement when Josh called me up in December saying he was planning to propose to Heidi that weekend and wanted my help! Needless to say, it was all a fabulous success, demonstrated by this gorgeous wedding last weekend. There are certain couples who just work when you look at them, and Josh and Heidi are one of those. It was a stunning event filled with so much joy and laughter, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this awesome couple. 

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Boor!

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