That Time I Re-read a Favorite Book in a Day

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Yes, I’m happy to say that I had this very luxury this past weekend. It was a relaxed Sunday afternoon with nothing planned, so I pulled one of my favorites by Julie Klassen off the shelf, and almost before I knew what was happening, had proceeded to read the entire afternoon and into the evening. I hadn’t specifically intended to finish it, but as the hours went by, I slow realized it might happen, so I kept breezing through till the ending reached its glorious and perfect crescendo, just like it did the last time I’d read it. :) And I finished just in time for that night’s fabulous Poldark episode, so it was a pretty great day. 

I’ve discussed Julie Klassen’s books in a previous post and could say a lot more about how wonderful they all are, but I reread The Silent Governess this last weekend, and I’ve decided that it’s in my top three of hers. It was the first book of Julie Klassen’s that I ever read, and my world certainly changed for the better afterwards. It’s intriguing, packed with mysteries, and endearingly sweet on many levels. It begins with Olivia Keene – beautiful, quick with numbers, passionate teacher… and running away from awful secrets. In her flight, she passes through the town of Brightwell, happening upon its splendid manor of Brightwell Court. Unfortunately, her chance visit burdens her with other secrets from Lord Edward Bradley of Brightwell that she never wanted to know. And he’s prepared to trust no one with it, especially not her.
So, you can probably tell that The Silent Governess is full of intrigue, which makes it interesting right away. So many mysteries unravel throughout the whole book, and every time I thought I had something figured out, a new twist threw me off again! But it’s also charming and heartwarming on many levels. Family is a central theme and observed from many angles. Olivia’s relationship with her parents, Lord Bradley’s connection with his father, and Olivia’s love for the children in her governess charge are all integral elements of the story. To an extent, we get acquainted with these two and their personalities through all the family interactions, and it’s sweet to observe as the story unfolds. And like many of Julie Klassen’s books, this one is extremely educational in certain aspects of English tradition. Since it focuses on a governess, you learn a lot about how a governess functioned within a large house, what was expected of her, and how she was viewed by the rest of society. Pretty fascinating for sure! I know it helped me to better understand old favorites like Jane Eyre as well as the place of the children and their caretakers in Downton Abbey. And without giving too much away, the romance bits of this book are superb… there are so many tension-filled moments, longing inner dialogues, and sweet looks. All the feelings are simmering just beneath the surface for almost the whole story, making the resolution that much better. ;)

Though I hadn't planned it, I wasn't surprised I got through rereading this one in a day. I'm so glad I did and so thankful to have had the time too! If you haven't read this one, definitely grab it next and curl up with a cup of hot tea. You'll be amazing at how the time flies! And check out more of Julie Klassen's fabulous work over at her website. If you like anything Jane Austen, romance, or historical fiction, I assure you that she's the author for you!

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