Normalcy and the Walking in Between

By Monday, August 31, 2015

Mundane: [adjective]
1. common; ordinary; banal; unimaginative

Except for perhaps “unimaginative” (no worries, the mind’s always in fast mode), these words could describe my past few weeks fairly accurately. Other good ones might be “normal,” “uneventful,” or “predictable.” I’ve previously written about how it’s easy to look to the next big and exciting thing rather than living fully in the present, and that’s certainly still true, but I think an even more subtle mentality can form if I’m not careful – that there is more meaning and significance in my life if it consists of those “big” moments and exciting experiences.

And I’m guilty of contributing to this way of thinking.

Her blog post went viral. She got the perfect job. They traveled all summer. She got married.

I look at those kinds of things that other people get to do and then inadvertently buy the lie that I’m not as cool, smart, or admirable. And yes, it is a lie. Because the truth?

Every moment matters. I know that sounds totally cheesy, but do I believe it? Not enough. Because if I’m focused on what I don’t have, what I wish was different, or how exciting someone else’s life is, won’t I miss out on what I do have and what I could be doing with it? That’s what I’m trying to remember right now. The awesome vacation and doing the dishes are a gift. Whether I’m doing something particularly enjoyable or particularly mundane, the Lord is in it and is calling me to it in that moment. My right now is neither better nor less holy than someone else’s. He uses it all – the awesome highs and the seemingly level, everyday normalcy. I think Ben Rector says it well: “Life is not the mountaintops. It’s the walking in between.” Most of life is in fact the walking in between, and I want to use it well. 

These are from the summer, but their color reminds me that fall is on its way... can't get here soon enough for me!

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