Updates and Adventures in Chattanooga

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My apologies for the brief radio silence. I have few legitimate excuses for the lack of posts over the last two weeks other than the typical “I got busy” one. Life just happens sometimes, as I’m sure you can relate. But in the midst of the busyness, I’m first happy to share that there’s another website agreeing to let me write about British TV for them! In case you missed it on my Facebook page or Twitter feed, I’m writing for Gossip & Gab about Masterpiece’s new series, Arthur & George, and in a few weeks will start writing about their next fall show, Home Fires. This one’s got the actress who plays Aunt Rosamund in Downton Abbey, so I’m sure you fellow Downtonites can understand my curiosity. I’d love for you to check it all out! :) 

Otherwise, I return to my regular posting today with an exciting entry on a city that many of you have likely visited before. My good friend Charlie Anne and I took off to Chattanooga, Tennessee over Labor Day weekend for a much-needed girls’ getaway, and quite lovely it was! I’ve decided that if I have to move somewhere else in the United States, Chattanooga would be worth considering. It’s a charming mix of vintage and modern with things to do for any and all ages. Here are some highlights of the city that musn’t be missed the next time you venture there! 

This is the obvious stop, as it’s one of Tennessee’s most popular tourist attractions. But all the hype is worthy, because it’s a truly impressive achievement. It has sharks, eels, jellyfish, alligators, penguins, parrots, countless types of fish, and even a butterfly walk-through. The river otters were one of my favorites there. They’re extremely curious and put on quite a show. Turtles are also up there for me, maybe because they always remind me of Crush in Finding Nemo. And we got to pet stingrays and hammerhead sharks at one of the exhibits! Thankfully, they were pretty chilled out. 

This is a lovely area of the city that overlooks the Tennessee River on one side and has all sorts of quaint, vintage looking buildings. Many of them are quite old and have been refurbished into something different for modern use. It was this classic/Victorian era-loving girl’s dream, I assure you! One of the places we ate dinner was set up in an old carriage house that had once been part of a Victorian mansion! It was called Tony’s, for those of you needing a food recommendation, and a nearby coffee shop called Rembrandt’s was also a highlight of the area.

This is exactly what it sounds like – a long bridge specifically for people who want to enjoy a leisurely walk over the river. It’s roughly a half-mile long, and it was really the perfect night for it when we walked it. The sun was setting, which made for an idyllic view, and a couple of riverboats whizzed underneath us, giving it a decidedly picturesque vibe. And as we walked across, the view of the city on the other side was just dazzling. The pointed top of the aquarium was on one side and the quaint buildings of the art district on the other. Views galore and an excellent option if you need exercise!

Speaking of views, this is where you need to go if you have to find the best view wherever you go. These small railway cars go up and down Lookout Mountain all day, and the top affords you a stunning view of the whole city and the windings of the river. Once we were up there, we also explored Point Park, an old battlefield from the Civil War, and there were views from virtually every perspective as we walked around. 

And that’s a wrap for now on Chattanooga! Definitely a great option for a weekend trip. It’s a bustle of charming-ness in every way. If you head that way any time soon, be sure to also stop for food at Sticky Fingers and at Clumpie’s Ice Cream Co. They were top recommendations for us and lived up to the praise in every way!

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