Sometimes it's Okay to be a Snob

By Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No one wants to be known as a “snob,” and for good reason. When we hear it, we think “stuck-up,” or someone who thinks they’re better than other people. The word is used so often in Downton Abbey that I recently decided to look into it more. And one of the definitions of the word is different than many people might think. We tend to associate snobbishness with arrogance and purely negative qualities, but I think this definition shows that that’s not necessarily true. Make of it what you will:

Snob: a person who believes that their tastes in a particular area are superior to those of other people

When I read this, it got me thinking that actually, most people are probably snobs in one way or another. I know I am. What are you picky about? In what areas do you want only the best? True, we shouldn’t be jerks about it, but I think it’s legitimate to have high expectations about a few things in life. Here are mine. 

I blame Disney World for this one. After I saw a Christmas fireworks show synced to fabulous music at Cinderella’s castle about two years ago, my taste for fireworks rose quite a bit. The July 4th displays around my hometown now make me sniff a bit disdainfully if I’m honest. Disney has biased me through and through on this one, but can you blame me? This is pretty fantastic, and these pictures don’t even come close to capturing it. 

About four years ago, I bought my first sturdy, expensive pair of sunglasses and haven’t looked back since (unintended pun). No more of those cheapo, break-in-a-week types from department stores, thanks very much. Plus, most of the ones you find in a department store don’t even shade all of your lines of vision. The ones I now swear by wrap to the sides of your face so that your peripheral vision is also protected. Please and thank you. 
There they are in all their shading excellence. And I just happen to like this picture of me and my brother. Beachin'!

Lip Balm
I always have lip moisturizer on hand, and in college, I discovered a kind that has hydrocortisone in it that has done wonders for me. Many types of lip balms will actually dry out your lips slightly so that you’re forced to keep using it, but not so with this one. It keeps your lips moist and smooth for hours and I’ve never had problems with bad sores or dry-outs since I started using it. No other kind will do!

Certain Foods
Surely everyone has these? For me, it’s hamburgers and corn. A few years ago, my mom started cooking hamburgers out of beef that was harvested from cows that were purely grass-fed, and the difference is just so obvious. The taste is more savory, plus you know it’s healthier, so win-win. And for corn, not much can top the when it's fresh from the fields of nowheresville Mississippi. It’s just the truth, y’all. 
Can't remember if this corn was from Mississippi, but it passed inspection I think.

Many of my friends might call me a snob about movies and television, but it’s more pronounced with television. I’m picky about anything I watch, but if I’m going to devote an hour or so out of every week for an extended period of time, this show better make sure it’s worth my time. This is why I unapologetically watch mostly British TV. As a general rule, I find the writing and character development in British shows much higher quality, hence my fascination with it that I make clear all over this blog. I’m not saying I won’t ever watch an American show, but as Mr. Carson would say, I have to keep up standards ;) 

So, there are my snobbish picks. What are yours? Again, as long as you're not a jerk about it, I think it's okay to be a snob in some areas of life. So lay off a bit on snob-labeling good ol' Lady Mary from Downton too. She just has high expectations and refined taste :) 
High taste? I think yes, Lady Mary.
{Photo Credit: Downton Obsession Tumblr}

Do you agree with this idea of snobbery? Are you a snob about anything? Please share!

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