Decorating Ideas for Bookworms

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It’s taken me a long while to figure out that my love for stories and books can be incorporated into decorating, but here we are and I’m loving it. For a while, my decorating mainly entailed lots of pictures. That will likely always be true, but I’m slowly incorporating bookworm-esque love into it as well, and it is so much fun. Here are a few things that I’ve realized make great d├ęcor for bibliophiles.

Pretty book editions

I had to overcome my practical side to take the plunge on this one. Logic says, “You already have that book. There’s no need to get another edition just because it’s pretty.” But forget logic on this one. Get that colorful or beautifully decorated edition and sit it proudly on your shelf in a prominent spot. Have a special place for the pretty editions and enjoy them thoroughly every day. I now have grand visions of a future house with beautiful, built-in wall shelves stacked with gorgeous editions. It’s coming, y’all. So far, the two pictured above are my starters, and I now have my envious eye on the Puffin in Bloom Collection and the Penguins Jane Austen Classic Hardcover Set.

Frame quotes from your favorite books

Show your favorites some love by hanging their best lines in places of honor. Mr. Darcy now has that award in my room. He sure did have some good ones, let me tell ya. 

Frame good bookish quotes in general 
I have my friend Jamie of Books and Beverages to thank for these as well as the Pride and Prejudice art above. These quotes capture so much of what I love about stories and I’m so glad to have them to look at every day. ANNND Jamie’s having a MASSIVE sale over at her Shoppe right now so get on over there and buy yourself some goodies!

Bookish arts and crafts 
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not crafty at all, but there are people out there who are and also happily grace the book-loving world with their talent. You’ll be amazed at what you can find on Etsy and other craft-related places. I got this lovely Pride and Prejudice pages wreath from a friend’s craft show a few years ago and I doubt I’ll ever get tired of looking at it. She also had book-page bouquets, mini Christmas trees, ornaments, and much more! 

What kind of bookish decorating have you done? Do you have any other suggestions? I’d love to hear! Always looking for more ways to show book love around the house!

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  1. What a fun post! Etsy is seriously the best / dangerous. I love the bookish goodness I come across!

    And thanks for the shoutout! I really appreciate it :)

    1. Sure thing, friend! I've been thoroughly enjoying my gems from your shoppe :) And I agree about Etsy... it's very dangerous! ;)