Why and How to Try Scrapbooking Even if You're Not Crafty

By Friday, July 08, 2016 ,

I am not a crafty person. At all. I’ve never particularly liked extensive craft projects and have no desire to be one of those impressive DIY people. But recently, I discovered that I do enjoy a definitive scrapbook project, and it made me think that maybe other not-at-all crafty people might get a kick out of it too.

First, some background on this scrapbook I just completed. It’s an album commemorating my summer as a counselor at Camp Marannook in 2012, and I started working on it in the summer of 2013. But, as often happens with ambitious crafty things, I quickly got overwhelmed, ran out of some necessary supplies, and abandoned it. I knew I wanted to finish it someday, but it would have to be at another point in time. Fast forward to this summer. I’ve had lots of extra time on my hands and had gradually restocked my materials, so I determined to get it done. A few weeks later, I’m so glad I did and have fondly looked through the completed book many times. So, here are a few reasons I now recommend scrapbooking even for the non-crafty person, along with a few tips for the process. 

Reasons to Try It 

1. You’re surrounded with happy memories the whole time 
The whole process did wonders for my mood and mental state, and I wasn’t expecting that. But seeing all the pictures spread out on my floor and remembering the context of them all put me back inside that summer at camp, and it was a joy to look back on it all for a few weeks. Being enveloped in the happy memories was so refreshing that this aspect alone made me start considering other future scrapbooks I might try.

2. It’s satisfying, hands-on work 
One of the coolest things about the scrapbooking process was just seeing it come together before my eyes. With something like this, you’ll usually have ideas of what you want it to look like, and it’s so rewarding to see your imaginings become reality. And working with your hands can just feel good, you know? 

3. The end result is so worth it 
The completed book is such a nice memento to now have on my shelf. What’s more, it does justice to a sweet, valuable time in my life. And the sense of accomplishment I felt when I completed the last page can scarce be described. I had done this, and it was a beautiful ode to memories I wanted to keep close. Now it’s certain they always will be. 


1. Double-sided tape
Not having this was one of my rookie mistakes when I first started putting the book together three years ago. I began with glue, which is not only messy, but can also leave marks and imprints in inconvenient places. Double-sided tape is definitely the way to go, and be sure to have lots of it when you start. I think I used up six-and-a-half rolls on maybe the last eighth of my book. 

2. A paper cutter 
When I started this scrapbook way back, I hadn’t thought about how much cutting would be involved. But almost every picture will need to be trimmed, as will any construction paper used for borders, backgrounds, frames, and so on. And trying to do all that snipping with scissors contributed largely to my stress, because I can’t cut in a straight line to save my life. Enter the paper cutter. It cuts beautiful straight lines every time and saves loads of time in the bargain.

3. A good playlist
Happy, upbeat music in the background was also a huge mood booster for me during the process. I was surprised by this at first, as I usually go for an audiobook when I’m cleaning or driving. But scrapbooking requires more thought and inward conversation with yourself than I initially realized. When I tried an audiobook, I found myself unable to both listen to the story and think out how I wanted the page to look. So I then opted for the same few playlists every day, and it was so much fun. I had happy music cheering me on as I basked in happy memories, and I enjoyed the combination immensely. 

What are your thoughts on scrapbooking? Have you ever done one? What other crafty things do you think that even non-crafty people could enjoy! I’d love to hear about your experiences in comments!

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